Few words about handmade marquetry, how it is made in Kimalainen workshop.

Every item is unique

I do my marquetry by knife, using 0.6 mm thick wood, veneer. I draw the picture to the veneer, then cut a piece out, and using the hole as a template I take a piece of another veneer. Piece by piece the work is finished and then glued for example to plywood. It can be done vice versa too, cut a piece out of veneer, and using it like a template, cut a piece out of the chosen backgroud veneer, and put the template piece to the hole made in the background veneer. Easier done than said.

With the colours of different woods I can form countless variations from almost any kind of patterns, designs or pictures. They can be made with tiniest details or by using woodgrains to form different kind of wanted impression.

Because of the materials and the handicraft method every work is unique.

And last, but not least: finishing in these works is made with Osmocolor. It does not need any maintenance. Surface can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaner.