Kimalainen- marquetry

Marquetry is tecnique where entire surface is covered with pieces of veneer, often using different woods, to form picture or ornament. In Kimalainen products finishing is made maily with Osmocolor.

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Kimalainen has now a small webshop here, only in Finnish, so sorry.

  • The boutiques and shops are opening, and one fine place is Höyrygalleria Korpilahti | Korpilahdentie 10 |
  • Check all the other shops and boutiques here

    Kimalainen is going to be in markets

  • It is on! At least hopefully! But anyway: Handicraftmarket in Turku 13.-16.8.2020 Thu-Fri 12–20, Sat-Sun 12–18 |
  • In Utö Archipelago handicraft- boutique in July, maybe in August too. Information about Utö
  • Hopefully things get better soon, look information here


    Many kind of products and designs have been made since 2004 when Kimalainen got into business.

    See some of them here