About us

Kimalainen is a small business in Parainen, near Turku. Downstairs in a house from 1950s is a little workshop, small woodworkers machinery and the working table, where the main wood inlay is done.

Kimalainen has been in this business since 2004. It was first just a hobby, about from 1996, but the idea of being an entrepreneur tempted and year 2019 is a now already 15th year of this lovely and hard road.

Workshop is open from agreement. The address Koivuhaankatu 9, 21600 PARAINEN, FINLAND, contact preferably by email.

Handmade marquetry products are good for presents as well as for You yourself. Do You have an idea about a design? Connect by email and we can plan it together.

And as said earlier because of the materials and the handicraft method every work is unique. What You purchase no-one else has.

Privacy policy

Kimalainen,1922448-5, Kirsi Laitinen, Koivuhaankatu 9, 21600 Parainen,

Kimalainen is committed to the highest standards of responsibility in the use of Your personal data. No cookies used.

Kimalainen does not keep a customer register. Refering to custom- made orders all contact information is deleted after shipment.

Information on invoices is stored only for bookkeeping purposes as long as required by the law ( Bookkeeping act).

Kimalainen does not use Your information for marketing purposes.